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postpartum weight loss

To find right tips for losing the baby weight is probably the very first thing you would do after having a baby. You would love to lose any extra weight that you may have gained as a result of your pregnancy.

There are various things you may take to aid your post-pregnancy weight loss efforts.

During my first pregnancy, I was repeatedly shown to be quite naive and uneducated about the entire procreation process.

One of those times would have been when I foolishly assumed that all of my “baby weight” would leave my body with my child.

I mean, I’m no longer pregnant, so it should all be normal now, right? Wrong.

I was trying to find some easy ways and tips for losing the baby weight  every single day.

losing the baby weight

I couldn’t stop thinking about it every single day and night! 

But the reality is that regaining your pre-baby body is a difficult task. Particularly when your previous free time is now completely consumed by pumping, changing, and feedings.  

Fortunately, I finally discovered a simple technique to go back and fight weight quite quickly. And I show 10 tips for losing the baby weight you can do this, too.

I won’t lie: it’s not easy. 

But if you can manage some self-control, convincing yourself that you aren’t allergic to exercises, and cast aside the ice cream sandwich (because the excuse “I’m eating for 2” don’t exist anymore…), you can do it too.

10 Tips For Losing The Baby Weight You Can Start From Today

weight loss tips


Breastfeeding is one way you can contribute with postpartum weight loss. This activity burns an additional 200 to 500 calories every day.

It is also the most nutritious approach to feed your child. Breast milk provides all of the vitamins that your new-born’s growing body requires.

Breastfeeding also has a number of other benefits. Plenty of your developed immunities that you may have to certain diseases, like measles and rubella, can indeed be transferred on to your baby via breast milk.

This will make your child immune to these infections during those critical first months after birth.

Breastfeeding may also reduce your chances of being pregnant again, though this is not confirmed. Overall, this way of feeding your baby is healthier for either one of you.


This should be a quite easy way to lose baby fat. However, there is few things you need to keep in mind.


losing weight after pregnancy

Let’s see!

Would you even notice if you are using half-and-half fat-free in your lovely coffee instead of cream? 

Most likely not. And you’ve just saved those 35 calories. When you replace low-fat or fat-free versions of various other meals you usually eat, the calorie savings might quickly add up.


End up replacing: 

  • reduced-fat mayo with standard mayo,
  • fat-free milk with whole or 2 % milk,
  • low-fat sour cream with normal sour cream,
  • frozen yoghurt with ice cream,
  • ground turkey with ground beef,
  • turkey bacon with pork bacon,
  • reduced-fat cheeses with normal cheese.

The calorie savings might quickly pile up.


A combination of good and healthy food and exercise will yield real weight loss results.

I am really sorry ladies, but having just one without another will not get you very far.

Yes, finding free time to go to the gym is difficult, and many of us don’t have enough money or space for a home gym.

weight loss after pregnancy

However, there are numerous training regimens that can be performed at home with very little equipment.

Push-ups, lunges, squats, and crunches are gym staples for a reason: they provide results.

Plus, no specialized equipment is required. To give more resistance, use a few cheap dumbbells.

I have been using pre-designed workouts I found on the website of Women’s Health Magazine. I also signed up for their magazine, which is packed with healthy and delicious recipes, workout ideas, and dietary advice.


This is my favourite and very good tip for losing the baby weight. Especially when we talk about such things as a beverage.

Did you know that a Starbucks Grande Vanilla Latte has 250 calories? Or does one bottle of VitaminWater have 100-125 calories and nearly as much sugar as a can of ordinary soda?

Sometimes the beverages we assume are safe are actually harming our daily calorie count. To add taste, use water with lemons or limes.

Alternatively, opt for a low-calorie sports drink, such as Gatorade’s Propel. Each one of them includes only 25 calories per bottle. You might want to think about adding Green Tea to your beverage selection as well.

losing post-partum weight - green tea

Green Tea has been shown to increase metabolic rate, limit fat absorption, and control glucose levels. I’m referring to simple, unsweetened Green Tea.

This kind of teas are very helpful with losing weight in general as well as will speed up your metabolism.

There are also some sugary, hopped-up variants on the market that are just as unhealthy as sodas.

And, for at least one happy hour, try to skip the margarita, which has an average of 450 calories.

Instead try to think about a glass of white wine (100 calories) or a vodka and diet tonic (100 calories) (65 calories).


Overindulging and splurging are more likely when you feel deprived or hungry all the time.  So, get yourself rewarded on a regular basis.

Saturdays and Sundays are off days for me. I do the best when I maintain discipline and choose healthy food during the week. That way I am allowing myself to enjoy a little on weekends.

It offers me something more to look forward to as well as keeps bad urges from taking over and jeopardizing my efforts. Another tip I read about was purchasing yourself some cute new gym clothing.

I’m wrapping them up like just a gift, and then putting them somewhere in the house. Choose yourself such a place that you see them every single day.

get rid of baby weight

Set a goal for yourself and open your present when you achieve it.

The goal is to get yourself rewarded for all of your very hard work and self-control. Determine which rewards are most effective for you.


Again, you must discover what particularly inspires you. You see, for me it was trying to put on my “before” jeans every single day (even if they won’t fit) to remember myself how badly I wanted to fit back into them.

Sometimes I was crying a little bit, but it kept myself focused on my goals. I subsequently cut out an image of a Victoria’s Secret model and pinned it on my fridge for additional cruelty. When I was seeking for carbs, looking at that chunky chick was a real turn off.


If you looking for losing the baby weight, it’s ridiculous to expect yourself to regain your pre-baby figure in one month if you just gained 75 pounds throughout your pregnancy.

Discuss with your doctor what kind of a healthy and reasonable rate of losing weight is, and make sure that you set that as your goal.

A goal isn’t actually a goal unless it has been written down. So, write things down and keep yourself responsible.

Be very honest with yourself as to what will prevent you from achieving your goals.  Whenever it comes to food, I know I am lack of willpower when we talk about eating.

So, whenever I feel starving and open my refrigerator to see cookie dough, odds are a spoonful of it would be in my mouth soon instead of some apple slices.

Losing the Baby Weight - weakness

As a result, my main battle would be at the supermarket.

I understand that if I will make wrong choices at the store, I will not be able to handle my temptations at home. I attempt to build a list and keep to it!

Before I will tell you about another easy way to lose baby fat – read this!

Be very honest with yourself as to what will prevent you from achieving your goals. Whenever it comes to food, I know I am lack of willpower when it goes about eating.

So, any time I feel starving and open my refrigerator to see cookie dough, odds are a spoonful of it would be in my mouth soon instead of some apple slices.

As a result, my main battle would be at the supermarket. I understand that if I will make wrong choices at the store, I will not be able to handle my temptations at home. I attempt to build a list and keep to it!


It is more likely that you will be held accountable if someone knows about your goal. Having someone to call you out on quitting or slacking off is useful. 

So, engage a friend to achieve those goals or ask her to be your workout partner. Discuss with your partner the possibility of adopting a healthier lifestyle together. He might also have some guts to lose.

Losing the Baby Weight - coach

Alternatively, you might join a weight-loss program like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. 


As said before, you can personalize your workouts by using websites. Use a weight-loss centre to assist you.

Look for websites that provide delicious, healthy meals, and then base your shopping list on those recipes.

Another good and easy way to lose baby fat is to find good programs. There is a lot of such programs you can chose from. The list if very long if it comes to getting rid of belly fat after pregnancy.

Here is a list of some interesting programs I found:

  1. Java Burnthe world’s first and only natural proprietary, patent-pending formula, that when combined with coffee, can increase both the speed and efficiency of metabolism.
  2. Epixurenatural proprietary formula manufactured in USA at the FDA registered and GMP certified facility. Each ingredient is 100% plant-based, soy-free, diary-free, non-GMO. Put through additional third party inspection and quality control to ensure high purity and potency.
  3. Okinawa Flat Belly TonicJapanese Tonic that targets the root cause of deep belly fat and activates a powerful little-known fat-burning hormone inside you. It’s the only “tonic” drink supplement on the market designed for weight loss. It’s not a pill, capsule, like you see everywhere else. 
  4. Smoothie Diet – The secret that makes the Smoothie Diet so effective is the Custom 3-Week Weight Loss Schedule. All the smoothies are given in a very specific sequence and frequency to maximize your results. For example the nutrient and ingredient ratios vary week to week to make sure the weight keeps coming off and stays off.
  5. Custom Keto Diet – an eight-week meal plan based on the experience and expertise of industry leaders. That includes nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs to ensure you make optimal progress toward your dream figure. A diet optimized to your own ideal calorie and macro intake.
  6. Cinderella Solution – 3 week diet program helping women to transform their bodies by burning fat much easily and allow the at the same time to generate so-called “weight – gain defence system”.

Losing the Baby Weight - diet programs

I have listed just few of them. But there is much more. Ones are more or less effective. This ones here are proven to work especially for women.


Living a healthy lifestyle is an invaluable gift you can provide your family.

Perhaps you have seen obese parents on Dr. Phil asking for help with their 8-year-old who weighs 140 lbs because they have no idea why? 

And sometime later, they blame the kid for eating the whole box of Little Debbie cakes by sneaking into the kitchen at night.

It’s everything I can do not to smash the remote controller at my TV and yell, “What are you doing? Buying Little Debbies?!? Your kid can’t eat them when they’re not in the house!”

Children are indeed the “monkey see, monkey do” creatures. Do yourself and them a favour by setting examples that you would want to follow.

Here is my final word to all of the women who are looking for losing the baby weight.

Dear ladies.

After all we are all humans. We have our own habits. Sometimes by doing things wrong we think everything will be fine. In the reality – nothing is good!

If you wanna look at least a bit better after having your baby, you have to take things in your own hands. No one else can do this for you.


You are the person responsible for your weight. The only person who can change anything is you.

lose your weight - act now

I have given you 10 Tips For Losing Your Baby Weight. Now it is your turn. You have to implement it to be successful!

Don’t sit there with your hands tied up!

You must do something if you want to lose your baby fat. Implement those 10 tips and life will be easier.

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