How To Speed Your Metabolism


Speed Up Your Metabolism

The speed of your metabolism is one of the most crucial elements for a success in weight loss.

You may starve yourself (in case if you are silly to do so, of course) and don’t even lose weight. This can occur in case if your metabolism has slowed down. The best solution in this situation is to speed your metabolism up.

This post will show you how you can possibly do that.
Each and everyone of us is an individual and this also impacts our own metabolic rate.
The amount of calories you burn relies upon on many elements and factors:
  • consisting of physical activity (or the lack of it),
  • gender,
  • age,
  • height,
  • weight,
  • body structure, etc.

how to speed your metabolism

With the proper steps our individual rate may be modified, however you have to do it gradually – otherwise, in some cases the dangers for your health might be severe.

There is few little steps you will need to take if you want to speed up your metabolism.

However, even though this steps may look to be small – they will have a big impact on the way how to speed your metabolism up and keep it on track.

Exercise Is The Best Way To Speed Up Your Metabolism


If you exercise regularly and you gain more muscles, it will help you burn more calories even if you rest or sleep.

Just 20 to 30 minutes of any physical activity a day can speed up your metabolism significantly.

Light exercise is also helpful, and if you can not think of anything better, gardening, climbing the stairs, cleaning out the house, etc. will do the trick.

Of course, the best thing is to go to the gym, but if you do not have a time for it – this is not a tragedy.

speed up metabolism exercise

Don’t Forget To Always Have a Breakfast


Skipping breakfast is a habit that many people have and believe will help them to lose weight. This could not be further from the truth!

When you do not eat food for a long time, as is the case at night, your metabolism slows down and your body starts conserving energy instead of burning calories. Is this what you want?

So, if you do not want to slow down your metabolism, do not forget to eat something in the morning. Even a small breakfast can speed up your metabolism by up to 10%.

No one says you have to eat a whole meal for breakfast – some fruit, a juice, or a small sandwich is enough to keep your metabolism from slowing down.

No Huge Meals For Long Period Of Time


As you already know, long periods of time without eating slows down your metabolism.

If you want to avoid this, do not skip meals or even better – have a small snack every two or three hours. A few fruits, a yogurt or another light snack is quite enough.

meal for breakfast

If you eat frequently, you will also eat less because you will be less hungry.

If you have not eaten for hours and see food, you start eating it rigorously and by the time you feel full, you have eaten way more than you actually need. It’s that easy to accidentally overeat!

If you want to further reduce the amount of food you eat and further speed up your metabolism, you can drink a glass of water about an hour before each meal or snack.

Drinking water helps you lose weight because it has no calories and creates a feeling of fullness.

Eight glasses of water a day is what a healthy person needs. So do not be afraid to drink even when you are not thirsty.

You Have To Accept The Fact Of Metabolic Plateau


If you see that your efforts to speed up your metabolism and lose weight are going nowhere, do not despair. You have reached what is called a plateau and you just need to be patient and not give up to move forward.

weight loss pills

To overcome a plateau in weight loss, you may need to slightly increase your daily caloric intake for a week or two to speed up your metabolism, and then return to your previous reduced caloric intake.

One tip for speeding up your metabolism that I would not give is to take medication.

Yes, there are such pills and it also seems to be easiest, but since these metabolism boosting pills can have lots of side effects, only your doctor can prescribe them.

These pills are mainly used for patients with life-threatening obesity. So if you do not fall into this category, do not even think about it.

Speeding up your metabolism is the key to permanent weight loss. If you are exercising and eating regularly and still not seeing any change, accept the fact and be patient. You are on the right track and sooner or later you will notice an improvement.

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