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Have you ever wondered what the way is to have abs and “zero” fat when it comes to workouts and exercises? Probably yes, but let me remind you about it a bit, it may be different from yours, or have a lot in common.

  1. There is a plan in your head to have a nice belly and abs.
  2. A spontaneous shopping trip to buy new gadgets and “toys” (it may be useful one day at the gym).
  3. You sign up for a gym or even a fitness club.
  4. You are going crazy about six-pack and abs, and begin to madly aim for the goal (“throw” at the gym with weights as “professional”, but you do not know if you are doing good exercises).

And what came out of it?

You Just Burning Yourself Out Mentally And Physically.

Like most things you do, even workout or exercise can turn out to be tiring and very difficult, your psyche is failing and you are getting tired. Not everyone has been born to be a super athlete or a fibroid with a big bicep and a large chest. For ones exercises are fun, and for the others huge torture and torment in the pursuit of the goal.

And if you add to the fact that you do not pay attention to the diet and what you eat (and there are people who love to eat a lot and want to have a nice belly) this continuous workouts can turn out to be really torment.

Sometimes it’s like you’re missing a day at the gym and fitness club and what then? You have everything you need – gadgets, “toys” for the gym – but unfortunately you ain’t got the time, what will you do? Are you ready for the exercises, but you have no time for that? Because you have kids, a wife and your work, so how can you find time for yourself in all this?


In fact, it’s simpler than you might think. Do you remember kids? Of course, it’s because you have them at home. Take them for a walk to the forest, park or anywhere else. Pack your family up in the car and go to the mountains for the weekend. Walking alone will help you lose weight, especially “small climbing” in the mountains and hills.

You do not need to only count on the gym or fitness club. People make a big mistake in approaching the matter in such a way, that they think only about abs and a nice belly. They do not know that walking alone helps in losing kilograms, and it also affects fat on stomach areas.

Stop Killing Yourself With Workout Overload.

Stop thinking like others, because sometimes you can regret this approach. Exercises should make you happy, not be a nuisance or unwanted “routine” just to look cool. Don’t kill yourself with all these workouts and exercises just because you will be nice guy with six-pack, abs and big muscles. Think that you want to do this for your health and to lose your fat.

Enjoy what you do, do not do this or that, because you have to change this or that. I understand that it is hard to lose weight, it is not easy to get rid of stubborn fat, however, after all, “losing weight” should not be treated as another job on the road to success, as if it were compulsion – all you have to do is approach it in the right way, and everything what’s going to be difficult will be easier.

Remember one important thing – the beginnings are never easy. Nobody, after all, is born a specialist, on the contrary – by studying and knowledge, he strives to become such a person. And above all, no one is perfect, everyone has some flaws, but draws conclusions from the situation and, before he/she does something again, will think twice.

Look Like A Man And Don’t Get Overwhelmed.

On this page you will find information on exercises, as well as how to do them properly to achieve your dreamed effects and “to not burn out” from the inside. Here you will find all the information you need to live a normal life, and at the same time “look like a man” – means without any fat deposits.

First of all, keep in mind your health, and later go for six-pack and abs. Everything in its own time and in the right order. Do not let your fantasies go wild and try to change yourself into a superhero at all costs.


Why in this order?

The answer is simple – if you are not healthy and full of energy, I do not know how much you would try, you will not achieve what you are so stubbornly striving for.

If you have any suggestions instead, or just want to talk, leave a comment below and I will certainly answer as soon as possible.


  1. I know for a fact that with walking you can loose pounds and also build strength and stamina and its free that’s the best part.

    • Hello Ruth.
      Yes, it`s true. Just by walking on itself you can shred some pounds here and there but some people don`t know it`s quite possible.

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