What Is The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat?

Since very long time there was always problems with obesity and overweight people, and in these nowadays even children have really big problems to stay in sharp and good condition with their bodies. Most of the time we don’t realize how important it is to be fit and don’t put us into a risk of being obese or even, what is worse, have real heart problems and any other diseases. However, we might still try very hard to pay attention to our diet, our food and our daily workouts or exercises, we can’t be 100% sure this problem will never get to us.


Even if our lifestyle is ways different from everybody around, many factors can initiate our fat and belly problems. We don’t pay enough attention to our diet, daily tasks, workouts, etc. until we finally get to the stage, when we became obese. And this is when we really start to think and wonder what is the best way to lose belly fat?

What we can do to get rid of it very fast and very soon? What we need to do to let us live fat free? Well, there is a bit of work what need to be done before we can be happy we have fought our obesity problems. But there is not just only one thing we need to apply to do it, there is few the best ways to lose our fat and I`ll tell you what exactly it is.

No Magic Diet – What Else I Can Do?

Although there is no such thing like a magic diet, we still need to apply some diet to our lifestyle if we want to lose our belly fat. As we all know there is plenty of products, food and drinks which can lead us to gain fat, but how many of you know about food what lead us to get rid of our fat?

This food I`m talking about are products containing Monounsaturated fats, or simply called MUFA`s. According to research done over years, any diet rich in MUFA can be very effective in burning fat, even more effective than the diet rich in carbohydrates. While it`s been proven that carbohydrate rich diet can really increase our belly fat, there is evidence and proves that MUFA rich diet can get rid of belly fat even if we don’t have much time for exercises or workouts.

Monounsaturated Fats Food

Is MUFA my magic diet? Well, I wouldn’t say it`s “magic diet”, however it will help a lot to burn our fat much quicker.

We still need to remember about any other activities which are great help to achieve targets we have planned. We can’t just focus on one diet, even if we know it will help us to burn fat and get rid of our bellies, we need to apply something more. If we have decided we want to get rid of belly as soon as possible, we have to comply with steps to achieve our goals.

Some food containing MUFA include:

  • Olives
  • Olive oil
  • Canola oil
  • Nut oils (peanut, walnut)
  • Seed oils (sesame, flax seed)
  • Grape seed oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Avocados
  • Dark chocolate
  • Soybean
  • Flax

Is Diet The Only Thing We Need To Apply?

Many people keep asking themselves “Is diet the only thing I need to apply to get rid of my belly?” The answer is, NO. Some of you might disagree with me, some might say I`m right, and even some of you may still ask again, “What is really the best way to lose belly?” Before we can clarify that, we need to understand that we can’t focus just only on one formula, one diet, etc. Because even our stressful life can affect us to gain weight, or sleepless night can do this too.

We need to remember that to achieve anything, we need to be consistent in what we are doing. So, when we decide to finally lose belly fat we need to understand, that it`s not enough we will keep our diet for few days or weeks and when we lose some weight we decide to stop that. No, this wrong way to do things and we should stop thinking like that.

Of course, we could lose some weight, we might lose some fat but when we won’t be consistent in what we do, the problem with gaining more and more fat will persist. Same is if it`s about our diet – don’t focus just only on that, because we need to “top up” our body with something else than just only that. We need to look for other perspectives as well because it will help us to manage and fight out our fat belly.


To make sure we do everything right and we finally decided to go for it, so we should focus on exercises or workouts as well. In connection with our diet this plan will help us get rid of belly much quicker and, when we will do this on regular basis, we might see effects after few weeks even, but bear in mind that everything depends on our metabolism and on us itself. By saying that I want to explain that everyone is different and everyone has different metabolism.

One person can do just only exercises few hours a week and can burn same, or more, amount of fat than person who does same exercises few hours a day, for 7 days a week. We can’t measure everyone the same way.

Lose Weight To Gain It Again.

Sometimes people can do big progress when they are losing belly fat, but don’t forget that there is a group of people who will have problems with this, and whenever they lose weight, they gained it again. Why it is happened? Why our body can’t stay in good shape all the time?

Well, this are very good questions. First of all – different lifestyle for everyone, secondly- lack of time to carry on working towards the problem. In today`s computer era it`s very easy to get fat day by day and people don’t really realize that. I came across many times with this kind of problems, I`ve even seen kids in their young ages, who were really obese. And this is because all young children prefer to sit home by the computer screen and play some games, instead of go outside and play football or even just simply walk, ride their bikes, or do anything else what can help them.

No one will guarantee, that when you lose your weight you can’t gain it again. No one even should try to say that because sometimes it`s impossible to be fit all the time.

Let`s assume we set our plan to lose a bit of weight just for our satisfaction, to prove we can do this. So, we are working very hard towards our targets, we do diet, exercises, workouts, etc.; and we did actually lost as much weight as we wanted to satisfy ourselves.


And when we achieved our targets, we finally think we can stop to do it consistently and on daily basis. What will happened next? We keep gaining weight again and again, and so on.

Then our next step will be to set another targets for us to prove we can do this one more time.

We set another target to lose weight again but this time a bit more than we did previously. And all circle start up again for some time, till we get to the point when we lost weight, we lost our fat and belly. We are very happy we could achieve that one more time.

But, will we be fit forever? Can we be sure we won’t gain a weight again? We are the only person who can maintain our weight, our fat and we are the only ones who will be responsible for that. We can’t blame anyone for our fat bellies but us.

How To Be Consistent In Maintaining My Weight?

In everything what we do there have to be consistency if we would like to achieve goals and targets we set up for us. It doesn’t matter if this is our career targets, saving or weight lose. As long as we have set it up we need to keep going forward to get them all achieved.

So, if your target is to lose your weight and keep your body fit you need to work towards that all the time. It`s not enough when our weight has dropped few kilograms and we decide to stop do what we are doing. We have to keep going all the time. If we lost some weight – it`s fantastic !!! But we know we can do more to maintain our weight and fat level, to be fit as long as we want.

We have to think forward and set up a plan, a plan we will go alongside with to be fit and fat free. We have to bear in mind what means “road to success” and walk our path we have set up on beginning of our “journey”. Because when we will hesitate for a little moment and we stop, there always is hard to get on the track again.

Holly Grail To Weight Lose.

To make sure we are going into right direction we need to apply some rules to our lifestyle and our routine. This might include many things, it might be diet, workouts, jogging, walking, etc. but we have to remember to be serious and consistent in what we are going to achieve the target. If we decided to set some targets, we have to do everything to be on top of it and don’t let to change that in any ways.

Weight lose has never been easy, to get rid of belly takes some time but everyone can do this, as long as we have a plan ready, and we know how to do this, we don’t need special help. We just need to remember one and very important thing: we will never get to anything if we won’t be consistent in what we are doing. If we decide to go for an A, then we have to carry on this route to finally achieve Z.

Hard work and consistency is the KEY to our success – it`s our Holly Grail.




Krzysztof Bolesta

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