The Best Fat Burning Food For Women – Not Only Fruits

Everything we eat have an impact on our body as well as our metabolism. Every single bite we take comes to our stomach, and different type of food need different amount of time to be digested through the digestive system. There is a lot of the best fat burning food for women which we eat every single day but we really don’t know what they are. And it`s not just only fruits and vegetables, this food includes meat as well.

Vegetables With Chicken

Some people like vegetables, some people like fruits and the others love to eat meat. But have they ever wondered if this food is healthy or fat free? Probably not many and this is because we eat what we love or like to eat. We are not checking labels, every time we do shopping, if something contain fat or not, or how much fiber is in our food – but we should in some point.

In this article you will find out which food is the best to burn your fat.

Let`s get started then…

Proteins Or Fiber – Which One Is Better?

We need both and when we make our meal we can mix them together, but we should pay attention to high fiber food more often.

Although protein is very important to get lean and healthy we need to remember, that high protein diet is very often lack of fiber. And the fiber is very important thing which healthy body can’t really live without for long.

When we mix them two together, which is one of the best diet, we could feel full of energy throughout all day long and it will help us a lot to lose unwanted kilograms.

Protein is very important for our healthy body as it helps to maintain our muscles in aspect of repairing and rebuilding them up, skin and our organs as well as nails and hairs. By consuming proteins we keep our sugar more stable and our appetite will be greatly reduced.

When we chose this type of diet instead of carbohydrate, our body will consume fats stored to gain energy.Eggs Omelet

Type of food containing protein:

  • meat
  • fish
  • poultry
  • eggs and dairy
  • beans
  • nuts

When you consume proteins, you have to remember to balance that with plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, remember to drink plenty of water.

Fiber is essential if you want to have lean body and get rid of belly fat. It`s contained in some fruits, vegetables (not all of them) and some grains.

We have two types of fiber: insoluble and soluble.

Insoluble fiber can prevent constipation and some types of cancers. Types of food rich in insoluble fiber are some fruits and vegetables, wholemeal pasta, grains as well as high fiber cereals and brown rice.

Soluble fiber binds to cholesterol, however it stops cholesterol from getting into your bloodstream, which means that will help you to prevent any kind of heart diseases. This type of fiber keep your blood sugar leveled by absorption of the carbohydrates.

Type of food rich in soluble fiber includes peas, oats, beans, wide range of fruits and vegetables.

An Eggs And Chicken Breast – Protein Kingdom.

We all agree to that. Both of them are full of protein which helps greatly reduce body fat and maintains our muscles. It`s leucine actually (all high-protein food contains leucine), one of amino acids and vital component of high-protein, that helps and supports weight loss as well as help body to keep muscles and burn more calories.Chicken Breast

When you want to have something special on breakfast that will help you in your fight with weight loss, you should make tasty and healthy meal – vegetable omelet made with eggs and vegetables, of course.

It has been proven that people, whose first meal is vegetable omelet, are losing twice as much weight as the ones who just have carbohydrates on their breakfast.

Eggs are good for breakfast but what about lunch or dinner?

If you really love meals and you want to lose some weight, then chicken breast is what you may want to have on your lunch or dinner. Because, same as eggs, chicken breasts are rich in high-protein, they will be great addition to any pasta and rice or even salad dish. Put aside chicken drumsticks and chicken wings and stick to lovely chicken breast.

Secret Fat Burners Exposed – What Should You Know?

Even if many people know it, it still is a secret because people don’t realize, that these natural burner can make big difference in our fight with the fat and obesity. I have mentioned above two of fat burners, which are “secret” to most of us.

Let`s start again from beginning…

One of most common fat burners is protein. But I won’t stop on that, there is few more of them and I will expose all of them in here.

Another natural fat burner you have heard about is fiber. Knowing them two already will help you drastically to lose some weight, and if you add up some more you will get complete sketch what is the best fat burner food for women, but not the only for women. Even men can find it very useful, interesting and very informative.

Protein, fiber and what else?Fish

This what hear now might sounds unbelievable but it`s truth. Next secret fat burner are good fats. I know this sounds strange but this is true, there are good fats we didn’t know about. One of foods what contains good fats (as well as protein and fiber) are walnuts. In walnuts we will find Omega-3 fatty acids (mostly common for fishes) and they are one of the non-fishy sources.

Next fat burner you might know but didn’t know its function is exactly Omega-3 acid. You may find it in any fish you can imagine (salmon, mackerel, herring). How does it exactly works is unknown, but according to study of Irene Munro “omega-3 fatty acids reduce fat mass“. It`s also known that this kind of acids make you eat less because you don’t feel hungry for longer.

The Best Fat Burners – Complete List.

Here we go… This is the complete list of the best fat burners you might never hear about or you did hear but didn’t know what they are and what they exactly do.

To start up with I ave to say that most common and the one you already knew before reading this article is protein. You can find it in eggs and chicken breast as well as nuts. This is good addition to our diet if we want to lose some weight and get mass in our muscles.

Next one good known is fiber – source of it are vegetables, fruits and nuts. When you got high protein diet, you can’t forget to add up fiber food as well, to have your diet more complete. Fibers are good in prevention of cancer and some heart diseases.Walnuts

Another one on my list are good fats. You probably didn’t know that this kind of fats can help in weight lose and building up muscles mass as well. Main source of them is omega-3 acid, mostly found in any kind of fishes but in walnuts as well.

Calcium is another one on my list. You can find it in any dairy products like milk, yogurts and cheese. In more than 90 studies review in the journal Nutrition Reviews you can find that there is really strong link between calcium consumption and improvement in our body composure.

Catechins is good addition to our diet as well as another fat burner you didn’t hear about but you know its source – green tea. Healthy, green tea is mostly targeting your belly fat and if you`d like to compare to exercises, it would give you about 180 minutes of exercising each week for every four to six green tea cups drank a day.

Make Your Own Plan And See It Works

Now you can make your own diet plan and see what works for you the most. You know the best fat burning food for women I could find – men can try it as well and I believe it will work for them, too.

Proteins, fiber or even calcium is very good addition to your daily diet, and with connection to workouts or even exercises can do a lot in weight lose.

Make sure to do some little changes in your diet if you don’t see results you would expect to see, because you know your body the best.

If you are too concern about your diet plan, you can always ask your nutritionist if the plan you are on will be good for you or there are some changes necessarily.

If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to leave your comments below and I will answer them as soon as I can.

Krzysztof Bolesta

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    Thanks for reminding me about foods other than fruits! It’s easy to just eat fruit to keep the weight off but there are other important things to include in my diet as well. Thanks for the info!


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