Get Rid Of Belly Fat – Women Biggest Nightmare

Everyone of us is getting older, everyone of us is very different. We all have different lifestyles, diets, works, etc. But we all have one in common – our fat bellies. I think this is our the biggest nightmare of nowadays. Everyone of us want to look pretty, beautiful and perfect. None of us like big belly, fat belly muscles, and sometime really big bodies.

Since long time people are looking for innovations, new recipes, new tricks and new health or workout programs where they can get rid of belly fat – women especially. Some people are keen to spend a lot of money for new drugs or medicine as long as it gives required effects on their bodies, where they can be slim and slimmer, with smooth bellies, six-packs and beautiful bodies.

But not everyone know that good programs or medicine it`s not the only thing what can give expected results and sometimes people just simply give up and stay there, where they are at the moment. Because if someone they tested can’t help them, so they don’t believe anything else can do the job.

BUT, there is few other things affecting us on burning fat. This can include good diet, too big sugar content in our food and drinks, etc.

Get Rid Of Belly Fat – Myth Or True?

A lot of people think that loosing belly fat is one big myth, that this is almost impossible. They have tried many times and they couldn’t find conclusions on how to do it. But we have to keep in mind that nothing comes very quickly and very easy. This is because a lot of different factors affects our minds and our bodies. We have to understand one important thing – everything is possible if we can just switch our mindset to our needs.

Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Let say that I want to drive a car. So, first thing I will do is to get my driving lessons, and that means I have to attend driving course. So, keeping that in my mind I need to do everything to get everything done on proper ways. But what about if I will start thinking that I can’t drive? What about I will think I can’t drive good enough to undertake driving lessons or even go to driving exam?

If I will think that way, so I can guarantee that I will never pass my exam because my mind has been set into the failure on the beginning, just before I even got ready for my exam. Same situation is with getting rid of belly fat. If we will start thinking on opposite directions to our aims and targets then we will never accomplish what we have said. To get the right result we need change the way we are thinking about our problems. We have to be positive and not think about it in negative ways.

If you think, “I will do this no matter what” and you will start working towards that, so you will be on right direction to your success. Stop being negative but positive. Do everything you can to change your mindset in good direction and with bit of help you will get into your success.

Why Women Has More Fat Than Man?

Although we might not realize that but women have statistically higher percentage of fat in their bodies than men. According to medicine newsletter women has got 25% of fat, and this higher than men – it`s just 15% fat in men bodies. Many people are asking if it`s really true?

Yes, it is true, however we can’t see that even when we are in gym. There is few important factors which affects our bodies including our gender. There is a list of just few of why women has got more fat bellies:

  • Biological variations in our body composition,
  • Fat differences,
  • Fat distribution in our bodies,
  • Different climate,
  • Fat functionality.

This is just only few factors which have a big impact on our fat. But how all of this is related to fact, that women have more fat in their bodies than men? Fitness expert and creator of Built Lean, Marc Perry said that although women hold up just little fat in their stomach areas, there are prone to have more fat in their tights and triceps, and men store more fat in their abs.

What To Do To Get Rid Of Belly?

This is the question of what many people are asking themselves. In today`s world there is plenty of possibilities on how to get rid of belly but most people or don’t know them, or simply are too lazy and, instead of fight obesity, prefer to live with it. Even if there is a lot of knowledge about it, still some people prefer to not doing nothing and wait till obesity disappears on its own. But this will never happened. You have to put some effort towards that, as simple as that.

When we the way we are thinking about loosing our weight first of all what comes trough our minds is good workout program and correct diet. This is a good way to think about this problem. But, do we know what kind of diet we should have to fight our fat and have our belly flatten? Do we know what exercises we have to do to help us lose our belly? Where we can find these informations about it?

There is 4 crucial steps to get rid of your belly which some of us might not know about.

  • Exercise


We have to do at least 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise for at least 5 days. That can be walking, running, jogging. As long as your heart beat rate is faster than usual and you are breathing harder or you can sweat much more than during normal day that means that your exercises are good.

To let us speed up our process a bit we can do just jogging and vigorous walking – this way we will speed up our work up to half the time. The idea is to do anything what involves movement, even riding a bike or go to Zumba, and even playing football (soccer in US). But if you are not so much active now better is to ask your health care provider if you want to start new fitness program.

  • Diet


There is no such thing like golden diet, the best diet or even some kind of magic diet (you can call it any way you want). Whenever you lose fat with the diet you are on, your belly will always go as first. Researches show that getting to your body enough fiber can also help you to get rid of belly.

According to Hairston`s research eating at much as 10 grams of soluble fiber per day – without having any special diet involved in our program – is building up much less visceral fat over the times than without that. To let you imagine how much is it you can compare that to two small apples or i.e. one cup of green peas.

What Hairston says is that “Even if you kept everything else the same but switched to a higher-fiber bread, you might be able to better maintain your weight over time,”.

  • Sleep

We must have good amount of sleep (sleep with our eyes shut). According to one study, it says that all people who have slept 6 or 7 hours per night have experienced to have less amount of visceral fat over 5 years than people who were sleeping for 5 hours (or even fewer than that). Those people who sleep at night 8 hours or more have same problem as those with 5 or fewer hours of sleeping time.

  • Stress

Everyone has stressful lives. This might be because of our work pattern, school, looking after house and children. It is in our hands how we will fight stress back. It might be going out with friends, spend a bit time with our family – including relaxing together. We can even go for a walk or jogging and meditations just to let the steam go off our bodies. It doesn’t really matter how we will do this and what we will do, as long as we let the stress go away.

Get Rid Of Belly – Diet Or Exercise?

What will come first if goes about get rid of belly, diet or exercise? Both of ways are good but to think about quick and good results we have to mostly focus on our exercise program. This part is very vital to burn fat and get dreamed body. However, if we won’t keep kind of diet it won’t make bigger sense.

When thinking about diet – as mentioned there is nothing like magic, golden or the best diet – we need to decrease amount of sugar in our food and drinks.

I Am Starving, Can I Eat Now?

We have to eat, but it is important what we are eating. When we are trying to get rid of fat we have to look after our food. But do we know what do we eat and how much do we eat? I don’t think all of us know that because not many people is measuring everything what we eat. It might sound weird but it`s quite essential, at least on the beginning, to track things for little while.

I am not saying that we have to walk with weight till rest of our live and check what and how much we eat, but when we decide to do this for few days in a row can help us understand where we need to make changes in our menu

Everything Is In Our Hands.

In the end of the day everything is up to us what we will do to our life. We are the only person responsible for our minds and bodies. No one can make decision on our behalf, but someone can suggest us what would be the best for us. We can listen and learn but we are the main decision makers. We can’t blame anyone for what have we done to our body, to our live.

So, if you think you really want to get rid of your belly that you have to make up your mind and see if you are ready yet to do this or maybe you want to wait another few days, few weeks or months, or years even. But you have to keep in mind that every year it will be more difficult to get rid of it.




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