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Hello everyone, I am Krzysztof and I wan to welcome you to my Get Rid Of Belly website.Krzysztof

Before it came across my mind and decided to have any website, I thought it might be good to have a website, where I could help and give a bit of advice for men as well as women on how to get rid of their bellies. Because I think that this is one of the most important factors in our lives.

Many times I couldn’t understand how is that, that so many of us has got overweight problems, or we don’t like our bodies for the fact we`ve got a lot of fat. Most of us think to have nice and beautiful body (women especially), we want to have a six-pack and nice, big muscles so we could feel much better.

The time goes fast and quick, most of the people don’t know how to do it, where to go, what exercises we should do? This website is your Holly Grail to all of your questions, as I think you will find more than you can imagine how to help you get rid of your belly.


A Little Story About Me And My Interest In Helping Others.

My story and thoughts about helping other came up in my mind in 2014 when I`ve had nasty and very dangerous accident. When I was working on painting windows, I have fell form ladder from approximately 2 meters high. I had injured my right foot – I`ve had an opened fracture to my right ankle. I`ve been pinned to my bed for long 3 moths before I could even get up.

Since then, I had a lot of help and support from my friends and family. Although I wasn’t able to walk they been always by my side. My wife and kids has travel over 30 miles to see me on hospital for first 2 weeks. I know it`s nothing common to get rid of fat, but all that help and support I got from them, decide about me, have made me to look for and give help to others, exactly the same way as I had help from my familiars the time.

As we all know, time goes by and if we won’t start to look after ourselves now, it might be too late in near future. I`ve been very lucky to have someone by my side to support me in these tough moments, in this day when you can’t do anything by yourself, when you can’t even walk without any help for other people, or crutches.

You start thinking and talking to yourself: “What`s wrong with me?” “What have I done wrong, that this happened to me?” Or most of the time you are asking yourself: “Why the heck me, why me again?”

Then you realize that you need someone who can walk you through all of that, who can help you to survive, and after all the help you get you realize, that when you are in need of someone, who can be with you in the toughest moments, who cares about you every day, who shows you their support, it`s just simply PRICELESS.


Everyone Needs Help And Support, No Matter What.

In this nowadays nothing is simple, nice and easy. Every day we go out to our work, we are looking after children and ourselves. And everywhere we need some guidance, some training or even a coach or trainer. Even in our work, when we come to our workplace for the first time – we are always struggling and need advice, help or both. When we became parents, usually we are asking other mums or dads about little things and matters, I.e. how to change nappies, how to feed babies with a bottle, etc.

Same is when it comes to lose your belly, to have six-pack or nice and smooth muscle on your body. We will always need some help, advice and sometimes even a personal trainer, or personal coach. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how good you are in works you do, or even with driving a car – there was always need for help, advice and coach or trainer.

Why this is happened? Answer is so simple, no one is perfect and that`s why we need some kind of guidance in our live. And it doesn’t matter if it`s about work, school, children or as simple things as our bodies – we will always need a help.


Helping Others – These Days Is PRICELESS.

You might ask me, why do you do this? Or, who told you to do this? How is it possible that someone can do this? Well, the answer is above this paragraph. Do you remember I`ve mentioned about my accident? Do you remember what have I told you about having tough times and don’t have anyone to be by your side?

This is why I have decided to create this website, this is why I have decided to help others. I had the same problems before in my life, when I needed someone so much, when I felt so lonely I always had my family, my friends who have supported me. But some people don’t have this kind of luxury. Some people don’t have anyone to support their decision, to give them advice or even little help they need and deserve.

Because it doesn’t matter who is helping or supporting you in these tough days, tough weeks or months even, as long as you have what you need, it`s completely fine.

And this means so much to me that I can help others to let them make up their minds and be happy with their choices and decisions. As long as people feel happy, as long as they have someone who can help them or even give them a bit of hope and valuable advice, I will be continuing this work, because this is purpose of my website.


People Need Help Everywhere And Anywhere.

No one is perfect, no one is ideal and till that will not change, all of us will need help. I don’t know how clever you will be, you will make mistakes, you will get into failures. But if someone will direct you in correct ways you will be successful, if someone will teach you how to do things, and if you will apply that into your life you will become successful.

As you can see, everyone need help everywhere and anywhere. It doesn’t matter if this is school, football pitch, driving a car, or even looking after own children – we all need right help, advice and sometimes even training. And this website is to give you all informations you need to successfully get rid of your belly.

If you will come up with any questions, problems, or something sits deep in your mind dont hesistate to leave the comments and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

All the best,


Founder and owner of Get Rid Of Belly


email: krzysztof@get-rid-of-belly.com

Krzysztof Bolesta

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